Property Web Builder

An online web portal to Find properties for rent or sale using multiple advanced filters to bridge the gap between property buyers and sellers.
Offering convenience to property buyers
Dynamic Property Listing
Advanced Filters for Property Search
Intuitive User Interface & Admin Panel
The Idea

Discussing this project with iTechnoLab team, the client mentioned that the idea was to create a unique online portal that will facilitate the people who want to buy, sell or rent properties across different locations. The website needs to be an interactive one with multiple filters that can be used by potential buyers to explore properties in certain regions with an option to explore properties within a set of budgets. The idea seemed interesting and hence we accepted the challenge to create a revolutionary platform for the real estate industry.

Planning & Development
Since the idea was clear from the beginning, a team of certified developers started working in collaboration with the designers to create a layout of the website. This served as a challenge as the client wanted to allow the potential buyers to explore properties right through the home page itself. Additionally, there were instructions to show some ‘Curated Properties’ on the home page. The design, hence, was to be prepared accordingly to ensure making the website clean as well as serve the purpose.
We spent hours in finalizing the design while ensuring meeting the client’s expectations of a neat and clean website. Thanks to the timely feedback from the client, it was all possible to reach the goals on time, without any delay.
The Result
With a strong emphasis on the website blueprints in place through the early-state website development strategy, our team managed to complete the project on time. Close collaboration and timely feedback served as the backbone of the project. The final result is an intuitive, engaging, and informative website, designed to allow the online property buyers to explore properties that are available to buy or rent in certain regions. The advanced filters allow potential buyers to explore properties that match their specific criteria, serving as the most suitable options.
There is a customized dashboard that allows the website owners to publish multiple properties on the portal with multiple images, property description and more.


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