Top Myths Busted About Full Stack Developers

We know there are experts in the front-end and back-end development or also known as client side and the server side developers. The front-end developers are involved in creating infrastructure for the end users. This is where the target users access the web through the browser. For the front-end development, professionals use technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


On the other hands, the back-end development is aimed for the admin of the website or the app. It’s more concerned with the business logic and the data aspect of a website or app.


But, there’s another breed of the developers that’s emerging these days and is very popular at the global level – full stack web developer.
A professional, having full-stack development skills is master of all trades, be it database or server or frontend. With a professional full stack developer, you are sure to get a complete solution to all the different platforms and get complete end to end solutions for your business platform.


As full stack developer is a rare breed, there are many myths associated with their capabilities and skills. In order to steer clear the fog, we’ve compiled a list of the top myths that often hold back companies from hiring a full stack web development company.


A full stack developer should be an expert coder

Yes, that’s a myth. A professional having skills of full-stack development shouldn’t be coding at all. In fact, he is a systems architect who is able to communicate technical visions to upper and middle management. It is because the role of the full stack developers covers identifying issues and discrepancies in integration before they actually occur.

So, if you think that a full stack developer is going to be an expert coder, it is a mistake. OF course, a full stack node Js developer will have the in-depth knowledge of coding in JS and other programming languages but they might not be involved in coding applications.


All Full Stack Developers Are the Same

Full stack development is not a single skill, but it means a suite of multiple skills. When you are looking for a full stack developer, it is important to define the term “stack”. Here you must be clear whether you are looking for someone for web stack, or the mobile stack or native applications.

And the full-stack development term is updated every year with one or more layers added to it annually. This makes it nearly impossible to find someone who is adept at all the layers. Look for the best full stack web development company where you can find multiple experts who are skilled in different stacks and understand the architectural layers well.


A full stack developer is a must for all projects

It’s great if you have a professional full stack developer in the project development, but it’s not absolutely essential to hire a full stack developer, especially if your website or app needs an expert in a particular technology. If you are shot of budget and can’t afford to hire separate specialists for the front-end, back end, data base management, then hiring a full stack web development company will be the right choice.

Full stack developers are well-versed with all layers of the project management and can serve as the single point of contact for all issues from the ideation to the app launch phase.


A full stack developer only needs technical knowledge

Although a full-stack developer is involved with coding, technical knowledge is just a small part of the work. The professional must have exceptional management capabilities along with the technical knowledge. He has to be fluent in communication and facilitating smooth conversations between the management, client and the technical team. Also, a professional full stack developer should be aware of all the current app and market trends to successfully craft innovative workable solutions.



Hiring a full stack developer offers great technical addition for the success of a website or app development project. These professionals have great knowledge about all the layers of project management and can serve as pillars of strength for the overall development process.

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Gaurav is working at iTechnoLab as Project Lead and has over 9 years of experience in technologies like iOS & Android. He possesses a sound understanding of technical requirement/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients.

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