Top Benefits of Mobile App Performance Optimization

As per the figures available, over 2 million apps are available on Google Play Store and 1.83 million on the Apple store. The numbers are increasing every day with thousands of mobile apps published on these platforms every day. It is enough to give a glimpse of the competition in the mobile app market. The businesses, looking to make it big with their mobile apps, ought to do things differently.

There are many ways to choose to achieve success in the mobile app market with mobile app performance optimization being on the top. This is the key to engage more users with mobile apps and encourage them to keep coming back for more. Remember that keeping your customers waiting for the apps to respond is one of the biggest business sins in today’s fast-paced economy.

Not enough? Let’s have a look at the following figures:

– 86% of people remove apps that perform slowly.
– 38% of users jump to other alternatives.
-34% give up on whatever they were doing.

Almost every business these days is serious about the design factor of a mobile app, but the least of them give a thought about its performance. The lagging and sluggish mobile apps may be the reason for failure to your venture, making it an important aspect to be taken care of.

As a business owner or app developer, it is prominent to make it a priority to optimize mobile apps for performance. The faster your mobile app performs, the better it is for a business.

Benefits of Mobile App Performance Optimization

Enhanced Performance

As the name suggests, ‘mobile app performance optimization’ is devoted to making mobile apps perform better and faster on mobile devices. With the mobile apps optimized for performance, businesses can be sure that the end-users are having the experience they’ve expected from a leading brand like yours.

Remember that the “Launching Time” defines the first impression of the user, which you would want to make an impressive one. If your mobile app fails to impress the visitors, right after they tap on the icon, everything else falls out of place.

According to the studies, a mobile app has only 7 seconds to make an impression. If the app doesn’t launch before the given time, you are straightaway redirecting them to your competitors.

We are living in an era where everything is available in just a snap, so mobile users expect the same with mobile apps too. But it’s been noticed that businesses compromise on the mobile apps’ speed in the rush and hush to make an app stand out.

Great User Experience

Experts claim that mobile users spend over 80% of their time on just five apps. And of course, as a business owner, you would also want your mobile app to be among those 5 apps. It is a race against the others towards success where everyone strives to make a difference but remember that only the best ones succeed in the competition.

The most common thing among failed mobile apps has always been noticed the poor performance, which becomes the reason for poor user experience. For a great User Experience, the following three things have been found most useful:

– Do exactly what is asked for
– The results delivered by apps should be relevant
– The speed at which the app performs actions

With mobile app speed optimization, the apps are able to perform faster, allowing the end-users to keep browsing throughout the app. It helps to polish end-to-end performance leading to a satisfied user base. And it also helps increase customer loyalty and satisfaction too.

Boost to the Brand Image

The better your app performs, the more often users will want to use it. It all results in increased brand awareness and you enjoy better attention from the end-users, resulting in more ROI and heightened brand image.

In most of the cases, users have been noticed abandoning the mobile apps after one use. This means, if your app isn’t able to perform better in the first use, the app users are more likely to uninstall it and never turn back. It may be compared with the same scenario which you would experience when visiting a restaurant where the waiters who are failing to pay attention to a customer, lose a chance of generating sales.

Don’t let your mobile app like the restaurant, but turn it into a place where they’d love to keep visiting again with quick customer support and delicious dishes.


No matter how great mobile app design is (of course it’s important), its performance is indeed extremely crucial in today’s digital era. It’s the performance that can differentiate a successful mobile app from a loser.

So, make your appearance on App Stores count with “great performance”.

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Gaurav is working at iTechnoLab as Project Lead and has over 9 years of experience in technologies like iOS & Android. He possesses a sound understanding of technical requirement/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients.

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